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TOUR TIME FUN #bvb #heavensbasement


TOUR TIME FUN #bvb #heavensbasement

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"Which dates are you doing? And why did you stop posting for such a long time?" by Anonymous

I’m doing all of them my lovely!
I just got fed up of the rude bvb fans x

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Créditos na foto :-)

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The UK leg of the European tour starts tomorrow, who is going?


Okay, so basically I’m having my room decorated and had to take all my big A1 size posters down but I don’t want them to go to waste so I thought I’d have a give away. I’ve never done a give away before but I have more posters that will be given away in separate posts.



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+ Andy Biersack in this weeks kerrang!

Andy Biersack in this weeks kerrang!

Kerrang Awards 2013 

You have nominated Black Veil Brides for:

  • Best Album
  • Best Live Band
  • Best International Band
  • Andy Biersack as Hottest Male

To see them win any of these votes here:

"Whats your opinion on their golden gods speech? I am losing respect for this band fast, Andy's behavior was disgraceful. All the fans are arguing all the time and its just stupid." by Anonymous

Our opinion is irrelevant, whats done is done. 

However, Andy has always been very vocal about all aspects of his band. As a musician/artist/creative etc to have your work criticized can be upsetting, considering you put your heart and soul in to your work. But to be mocked by fellow bands and humiliated in front of your own fans is demoralizing, no wonder they lashed out. As much as you think they are heroes or superhuman - they are just five guys, who no doubt where hurt by the reaction they received (although I doubt they would ever admit to being upset or hurt). Andy has apologised for his use of image as an insult, and definitely did not mean to offend his own fans.

But like I said, whats done is done. I can only hope that you regain respect for BVB, and remember arguing fans have nothing to do with the band itself.  (try to ignore them, that’s what we do) xx

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Dear friends,

If you will indulge me I’d like to start this by posing a hypothetical:

Lets say that for the better part of your life you have been “different” in some form or fashion…you as a person tend to stray from what is conventional and this often causes you to be at odds with most of…

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Black Veil Brides on the Black Carpet